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Hey Honey Bear, How do I download my design???

Kimberly Kellum

Hi Bears!  Do you ever get so excited about a design, you rush off to buy it, but then you never download it?  You get the email notification, but you accidentally delete it or it's so buried in your emails you can't find it? Oh No!!  What is a Bear to do?  It's really simple.  You can log in to your account here on the website and view all your available files.  I'll show you how in a couple of steps.  

First, go to


On a desktop you will see this homepage set up. 

Next, click LOG IN on the menu on the left. 

point to log in


Once you enter your email and password you will see this screen. 

The Green arrow points to a specific order number where you can click to see what was in that order.  The orders are arranged with newest first.   

The Pink arrow points to a link where you can look at ALL of your files on the same page, so if you know the name of a file you need, but can't remember which day you purchased, click that link to go to all of your orders and just scroll down until you find the one you need. 

Click to download

The purple arrow points to a red colored text.  This is where you click to begin your download.  At this point your browser will complete the download for you and your zipped folder full of files, pictures and tutorial will be wherever you have set up your computer to save downloads.  You will need to find this folder and "extract" or "unzip" your files to get the versions you need for your embroidery machine.  

For more great tips and discussion on saving  and sorting files, visit us in the Facebook group Honey Bear Studio Designs for Embroidery & More.  We'd love to chat with you!  



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    Annetjie du Preez

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    Sandra Holbrook

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